Possible to block a computer from wifi using airport extreme?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by hookem12387, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. hookem12387 macrumors 6502

    Sep 30, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    I have someone using my network I need to kick off. Is there anyway to do this when they're on wifi? Their specific IP or something?
  2. mwchris macrumors regular

    Apr 12, 2008
    You could do this a couple ways. First level would be to encrypt your network using WEP, or WPA or another level of security that requires a password. The second thing would be to use ip filtering. Where you tell your router to only allow computers with specific ip addresses to connect. (This is more time consuming, but more secure).

    As I am sure someone will say, both of these methods can be hacked, but it is rare that people do it unless they have other motives.


  3. scottkifnw macrumors regular


    Jan 17, 2008
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    Mac filtering, Change Key/PW on WPA2

    Choose to filter out all but allowed MAC addresses. You should be using WPA2. If you are currently using WPA2 change the key and password would be the easiest thing.
  4. Arran macrumors 601


    Mar 7, 2008
    Atlanta, USA
    You can do it by MAC address.

    Airport Utility --> Airport --> Access

    Change "Mac Address Access Control" from "Not Enabled" to "Timed Access"

    Then click on the [ + ] button below the listbox which appears

    Then type in their MAC address. (Add a description if you want. I'm sure you'll think of something apt :) )

    Then change "Everyday" to "No Access"

    Save and reboot the Airport Extreme. You're done!

    Now, if you need to find out their MAC address, look under Advanced --> Logs and Statistics --> Wireless Clients when they're connected. It's one of the "NN:NN:NN:NN:NN:NN" fields listed. Just make sure you block their address and not yours!
  5. hookem12387 thread starter macrumors 6502

    Sep 30, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    Thanks yall. It's at WPA2 but someone keeps getting on

    ACtually, how do I figure out the mac address? A friend did it for me before and found this person, but I have no idea now. Thanks
  6. ZMacintosh macrumors 65816


    Nov 13, 2008
    On a Macintosh computer...the easiest way for me is:
    Click the Apple Logo, top left corner
    Select About This Mac, The More Info
    Then click on the Network Tree (where the arrow is pointing down and it should list all the network ports and a MAC address at the bottom of the list.

    Windows I believe:

    hope that helps
  7. Slevin macrumors regular

    Jul 1, 2007
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    If I used the timed radius method... do I need to keep the WPA password on it?
  8. plinden macrumors 68040


    Apr 8, 2004
    How is this possible? It's computationally infeasible to crack a WPA2 password unless you're using a really weak one. Did you try changing the password?

    Do you know whose computer this is? Actually, how do you even know there's another computer on the network?

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