Possible to have duel synced iTunes libraries?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by marker227, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Hey all, I don't know if this is possible, but I was wanted to know if it's possible to have two computers (Mac) that share a synced iTunes library. Let me start off by saying what I want to do. I have a Macbook Pro with all my music and playlists on it. I wanted to purchase a Mac Mini, but I don't want to have to maintain and update each computer so the music is identical. Is there some sort of solution for this that can be done relatively easily?

    I'm not looking for a one time migration. I'm looking for continuous updating. Most likely I would be adding music to the Mini because it's going to be a desktop computer. I want the Macbook Pro to have the same music and playlists at all times.

    I've been searching the forums and it looks like there isn't an easy way to do this. Maybe once a month I should just clone the OS and apply it to the Macbook Pro.
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    Do you want to be able to sync to both machines?
    You can do the following (there are other ways I am sure....):

    I would make the Mac Mini the central box. Load up iTunes with your digital content. Turn on home sharing. Then on the MBP, launch iTunes and turn on home sharing. You will then be able to see a drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of iTunes on the MBP which will list all of the iTunes libraries on the network. You will then see all the content that is loaded up on the Mac Mini. You will be able to stream to the MBP from the main library located on the Mac Mini. What you won't be able to do, is load files from the Mac Mini to your device when it is connected to the MBP, unless you copy the file locally to the MBP first. So if you want to load up content to your device, you will need to either copy it over to the MBP or connect it to the Mac Mini and load up from there.
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    Well, I'm not opposed to doing that. I just naturally want a copy locally. It looks like I would have to manually update the entire iTunes folder every few months.

    I sometimes DJ, so I want to keep my library current with what's on the Mini. Hopefully changing iTunes libraries every few months doesn't mean I have to rescan the tracks with my DJ software.
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    I sold my laptop and bought a Macbook Air for school. I imaged a Mac Mini I recently purchased with the previous Macbook Pro's OS. I think I should be in good shape now. I don't intend on doing any DJ work anytime soon. So, I think this will suffice.

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