Possible to photo sync albums?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by estockme, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Mar 3, 2011
    Hi people- Is this possible?

    I want to plug my phone into my computer (assuming it can't be wireless) and have iphoto load up with my camera stuff. it should show my photo albums that i have set up in the iphone, and i should have the option of importing these as events or albums or whatever. there would be an option to delete or keep the shots in each album.

    but at the very least what is the point of having all these pictures if iphoto just dumps them in according to day (or week)? I want to import the albums.

    thoughts? is this possible? i'm on 09 right now and was considering upgrading for photo stream, but giving up my file folder organization for something that misses that critical point seems backwards. not to mention iphoto seems to have a heart attack when it is syncing regardless.
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    Well, wait. Where did the albums on the phone come from?

    My workflow:

    Photos taken on iPhone -> Photostream -> Aperture (or iPhoto)

    Photos taken on SLR -> USB -> Aperture (or iPhoto)

    Then, I organize all those photos into Projects in Aperture (or, Events in iPhoto), and iTunes syncs copies of those Projects or Events back to my iPhone using Wifi sync overnight. Only the SLR needs a USB connection. Everything done on my iPhone is wireless.

    I still have to manually erase my iPhone camera roll and manually wipe my SLR's memory chip.

    So given all that, I'm not sure why you want to copy albums BACK to iPhoto. Where did they come from? In my case those albums already exist on the computer because that's where they were created.
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    Mar 3, 2011
    I'm new to this iphone thing. I made the albums as I took the pictures, for example a nye album... so my phone can somehow sync albums without me doing anything? or this appears as an option in itunes/photo?

    edit: looking now at the photos tab I am seeing sync options similar to itunes' sync options. I guess this makes some sense. but why one-way? why can't i import through here too?

    and one other question: is iphoto's day/week defaults intended to be manually split up and combined? what are appropriate ways to organize pictures? My plan was to basically have seasons that mirror each other between events and albums (starting with around 2005, so it will be a bit), and then to break pieces of these out for more specific albums as well. maybe i'll ask this last part in its own thread or do some searching, but if that sounds good just say YES or something. thanks!
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    Apr 18, 2009
    Could this help?

    I can't help you much with iPhoto as I don't use or like it much but I think you might want to try this:


    It will let you transfer any files not just photos and you can bypass iPhoto and go anywhere on the Mac. I think it should let you go both directions. I found this to help my landlady. Her nephew had dumped a lot of photos into a folder on her phone but iPhoto only wanted to look at the Camera Roll. Transfer was simple. I think the demo version is limited to moving only a certain number of files at a time (maybe 100) but does not have a time limit. Paid version is a modest $25.

    I have the iPad version but from what I can see it works on both the iPhone and iPad.

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