possible to place injunction on false/unjust CA recycling fee

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    Apr 24, 2013
    hey everyone, its been several years that i've been considering filing suit against the state of CA for a BS Ewaste "fee" (tax) that is placed on the consumer, both to halt the fake rational for imposing these fees and to also refund fees to all consumers who have unfairly paid for this.

    this bs 'tax' was created around 2001-2003 based on a CA dept report which found high levels of lead and mercury in old consumer TV's and LCD panels.
    based on the findings of that report, this fee was created to address keeping those nasty elements out of the environment.

    problem with the e-waste regulation:
    in the electronics sector, things advance at light speed. literally. very shortly after this was enacted, most manufacturers had began the transition away from CCFLs and to LEDs eliminating the major source for mercury. Shortly after that lead (Pb) was also phased out along with other hazardous material. from the manufacturers, so that they could sell themselves as 'green' to a consumer base that now cared where and how their gadgets are made.

    think of it , in CA, CA gets a 6-10 dollar cut off every ipad, macbook, imac, apple display. and why are we paying it? i've yet to see one ipad thrown away. i've broken 3 digitizers myself, and replaced them for 50 bucks each time vs tossing a $700 machine out with the trash. fact of the matter is, nowadays, a broken anything is still usable/fixable by someone and very seldom does it make it to a landfill.

    and are we to believe apple's claims? if so, why are we paying a fee to cover the future disposal of material that apple doesn't even use in the manufacturing of its devices.....see attachment.

    I'd love to be able to push this to class action status for all my fellow ripped off CA consumers.

    intelligent input is welcomed.


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    Just a Point of Information: This tax was created by legislators that were voted into office...

    As far as any kind of suit/settlement, it would be pure speculation for anyone if we have not seen the actual text of the law, but it does SOUND like a consumer-screwing.

    There are many of those around, not just in People's Republic of CA. Take a close look at the taxes piled on every phone bill, landline and digital....
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    Apr 24, 2013
    why is the BOE (tax board) implement the program.....



    these are the electronics they 'tested' to develop the ewaste regulations: all of this stuff is antiquated compared to electronics in the past 4-5 years. yet they still milk the consumers.


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