Possible to RAID-0 two SSD drives? - 2011 model MBPs

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by WardC, Apr 30, 2012.

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    I know this may sound like an ignorant question:

    I am aware that a second drive can be installed in any MacBook Pro in the optical drive (ODD) bay. I am wondering if it would be possible to take two identically-sized SSDs (let's say two 240GB or two 512GB) SSDs, and create a software RAID0 striped array to use as a main boot disk/main drive for the laptop.

    I have heard that people experienced issues with this in the past, mainly I read about issues doing this on 2010 models. I am wondering if the issues have been improved/resolved with the 2011 models and if RAID0 is now possible without issues. This would be really nice, to have a 1TB SSD RAID array on a MacBook, in fact, that would be quite awesome (and yes, pricey too!)...but still, It would be great to know it could be done without a problem.

    Has anybody accomplished this on a 2011-model MacBook Pro (SSD RAID0), or does anybody know if the 2011 models have any improvement setting up RAID0 over the 2010 (or earlier) models?


    Edit: I currently have a Late-2010 model 2.8GHz 15" MacBook Pro, which I have a 256GB SSD currently installed in...would I run into issues setting up a RAID0 on this model using the ODD bay? The issues I am talking about involve beach balling on startup and unresponsiveness from the array, the array simply does not work on some machines. I've followed a few threads before in the past with people who had trouble doing RAID arrays on their MacBook Pros.

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