Possible to re-merge local MP3s into library that's mostly iTunes Match?

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    So, the SSD in my laptop is too small for my music collection, but I may opt for a larger one soon.

    I know, it's possible to just hit "download all" on iTunes to get the tracks stored locally, but a lot of the time I have partial album matches, or mismatches, or some of them being AAC on iCloud while some of them being MP3 in that same iCloud album.

    For now, I'm just streaming it so it's fine, but I'd like to import all of my MP3s from a backup and reassemble those that are external into the iTunes DB soon.

    1) Can I just drag the MP3s from a backup that are currently "iCloud" based .... into iTunes and have it replace the iTunes Match copy but keep the metadata ... sans duplicates?

    2) The ideal thing would be if I could hit like a "find local copy" option for everything and have it search ... but I doubt something like this exists. One thing I could do is write a program to add filenames to the iTunes XML file and then trash the regular library file so that it reimports. Hmm. This may be the best way, as then I'd have to just combine the two library folders and run a cleanup to find orphans.

    Thoughts? Anyone else run into this situation?
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