Possible to sync two iTunes with iCloud/iTunes Match?

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    Jan 29, 2012
    Hello everyone!

    I purchased my first Mac, a MacBook Air, and I have a main Windows 7 machine at home. All of my music is on my main PC, but I want to copy my entire library, along with my near 100 playlists, to an external HDD, and have it work flawlessly with my MBA. So far, I have found this to be impossible. Hours and hours of research and the purchase of a new external HDD has led no where. When I choose the option to copy my library and playlists, it doesn't copy all the music and doesn't copy any of the playlists. On top of it all, I'm still in the process of ripping my near two thousand CDs. I have come to the conclusion this is because one is a Windows machine and one is Mac, so now I'm trying to find a way around this.

    I don't currently have iTunes Match, and I have no idea how to use iCloud, but I was wondering if either of those would help me so when I make a change or addition to my iTunes on my PC, it would recognize it on my MBA, and download them to an external drive connected to my MBA. The only thing is I really want my playlists to transfer too.

    If this is at all possible, I would love any help. Thanks in advance!
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    The short answer, yes you can use iCloud to accomplish what you want provided you have less than 25K songs.

    However, I read that if you rip your cd's at 320kbps Match will convert them to 256kbps. I can't swear to it because I do have 320kbps files in iCloud. I verified this by downloading to my Windows PC and the file remained a 320kbps file.

    I move files between Windows and my Mac using my network. I have an external drive formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then using finder I just drag and drop from my Win PC to this drive.

    I hope this helps :)

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