Possible to upgrade my ram on my 2017 MBP?


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Oct 21, 2017
Apologies if this has already been asked. I currently have a 2017 MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13" with 8GB of ram and wanted to know how to go about upgrading to 8GB Ram x2 so that I can have a total of 16GB.

Is this possible?
Will this void the warranty?
If this can be done which ram is the best to buy?

Thank you!


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Oct 19, 2014
All of the retina MacBook Pro models and later, basically from 2012 and later have had soldered in RAM. The only way to upgrade the RAM is when you buy it customized from Apple. You can upgrade it before purchase.


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Jul 31, 2009
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ughh oh well, guess I'll have to make use of it =) Thx!
There may be many other circumstances that limit your options, but if you really NEED additional RAM, you have practically a brand new MBP - you can get top dollar for it on eBay and then buy a new one that better fits your needs. Not always, but usually, if you really need more RAM, you can probably swing it. Good luck!