Possible to use a apple cinema display as an HDTV?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Malus, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Malus macrumors 6502

    Jul 19, 2005
    I've been looking at the market for an HDTV, however I want to also use it as a monitor for my macbook.

    As of right now, I only have a standard cable, but my parents are thinking of getting HDTV soon since we are starting to upgrade all of our TVs to HD LCD TVs.

    I have limited knowledge of this stuff. I know I will need a cable box and other things....

    My question is this: Will the Apple Cinema Display handle HDTV? Also would it handle my XBOX360 and Wii? If so, would there be any software that I would need??

    Thank you everyone!!
  2. ReanimationLP macrumors 68030


    Jan 8, 2005
    On the moon.
    You'd need a box to convert the DVI to component. I think its called HDMate.

    If you have an Elite, you can get a HDMI to DVI adapter, and use it like that.
  3. mustang_dvs macrumors 6502a


    Feb 9, 2003
    Durham, NC
    If you purchase an elgato EyeTV hybrid, I believe it will let you play your consoles through your mac, in addition to watching full-screen SD and HD signals.
  4. Dreadnought macrumors 68020


    Jul 22, 2002
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    Tha ACD's are missing a component that let's them be used directly for TV, Dell monitor's do have this piece of hardware. ( I really don't know what the piece of hardware is!!) So you always need your Mac and an TV thing, like the Elgato, to watch TV on it. I don't know if it will support (full) HDTV, you should look at the specs of the Elgato or other TV thing.
  5. rpj2004 macrumors newbie

    Jun 18, 2007
    Most HD media require the use of HDCP, which is a technology that combats piracy. So - if you try to hook up a BluRay or HD-DVD player to the a non HDCP monitor, the resolution will automatically be reduced to non-HD.

    Currently, the ACD's don't support HDCP. From what I've read around places, Apple will be updating their ACDs to support HDCP over DVI soon.

    edit: Note - all components on the way to the monitor, including the monitor require HDCP to play BluRay/HD-DVD content and some cable HD content. So, as long as the ACD does not have HDCP you will not be able to get HD content through this media. However, you will be able to get over the air HD on the ACD.

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