Possible to use an LG 4K display connected to a thunderbolt 3 dock?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by mulvone19, Mar 28, 2018.

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    does anyone know if it’s possible to use 1 (preferably 2) LG 4K displays connected via thunderbolt 3 dock? So that way you only have one cable running to a 2016/17 MacBook Pro?
  2. jimthing, Mar 29, 2018
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    If you meant the Ultrafine 4K's Apple are selling, then yes for 1, no for 2.

    The best current dock on the market, the CalDigit "TS3 Plus" dock, has a TB3 out and 2x USB-C's (1x 5Gb/s, 1x 10Gb/s) but they don't support display output from the USB-C's, unfortunately. So you can only connect 1 of those displays to the TB3 port (that obviously takes vanilla non-TB3 USB-C connected displays). Also, you can't connect displays using the USB-C output via any adapter into the docks' DP port, either.

    If you meant other non-USB-C LG 4K displays, that have say DP/mDP/HDMI outputs on them, then yes for 2:
    1 via the DP port on that dock (with a DP-to-mDP/HDMI adapter, as required), and 1 via the TB3 output port (using a USB-C-to-DP/mDP/HDMI adapter, as required).

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