Possible upgrade issues with 6s release date

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tylerdw89, Aug 3, 2015.

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    I got to thinking... If a customer upgrades their phone every two years and activated their last phone on the release date for the 5s (9/20/13) and Apple releases the 6s on the 18th this year, that would make millions of 5s release date purchasers ineligible to upgrade until two days after release. In fact, no one with a 5s would be able to upgrade until after release date.

    Historically, has Apple kept this in mind? Basically, if the 6S is released before the 20th, they could isolate those who always stand in line on release dates.
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    You aren't familiar with Sprint's upgrade policies are you?

    For those in a contract Sprint generally lets upgrades happen within a month of your contract termination date.

    I imagine there's some leeway allowed among the other carriers.
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    And whats wrong with that. So they have to wait for a few days before getting a new phone. Hardly an issue is it.
    The answer is simple. Go sim free which is a lot cheaper and accumulate the money saved each month to replace the phone each year on release day. Flexibility is a wonderful thing.
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    I can't imagine any carrier really stopping you from upgrading a few days early. Remember, they want to keep your business. You'd be surprised how far some companies will go for you if you even mention taking your business elsewhere.

    It makes a lot of sense for them to let you upgrade a few days or even a few weeks early if it means they get to keep you as a customer for 2 more years.
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    My feelings are that the 6S will not be a huge event due to the fact that so many upgraded when the 6 came out. Should be no problem getting hold of what you want at introduction. The carriers know this and if they can squeeze some additional money from you, do not think they will miss the opportunity.
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    I have upgraded when ever I wanted in Canada, it doesn't matter if it's only been 6 months into a 2 year term. As long as you pay off the remaining balance on the phone, carriers won't stop you, some here will just put the remaining balance on your bill and you don't have to pay anything out of pocket except for the new phone price on a term
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    The short answer is that the carriers are well aware of this, and adjust the upgrade dates to allow for it. Basically, they let you upgrade your phone at least a month before the actual two years are up, so unless Apple releases an update in the Spring instead of the Fall, for example, it makes no difference.

    As to why someone would want to order on release day instead of a week later? Because all available stock of the new phone will be gone by then, and you'll end up waiting weeks for more units to come over from China.

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