Possibly bricking iPhone 3GS

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    I have AT&T. I am about to purchase a used iPhone 3GS Jailbroken and Unlocked on iOS 4.0. When I get the phone, it will be restored to factory settings. I have done some research regarding this but I want a clear concrete answer.

    When I plug the iPhone into iTunes and it updates to the latest firmware, syncs with my settings, etc. I've HEARD that iPhone can possibly be bricked or "disabled" I was just wondering if this is a myth or if it's actually true? If so then I obviously do not want to waste my time.

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    If you buy it restored to factory settings then it wont be JB or unlocked.
    Make sure whoever restores it they dont restore it to the latest 4.1 firmware cause you wont be able to unlock it or jailbreak it.
    And no when you plug it to itunes you dont have to update to the latest firmware. It might ask you but you can cancell or not accept the update at that time.
    And no, an iphone cannot be bricked or disabled permanently. You can always plug it to itunes and restore it to stock firmware.
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    Thank you for your response.

    I posted this same thread/question on another forums and this was my response. Looks like Apple is trying to make it happen:


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