Possibly compatibility issues due to upgrade to different hardware?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by hajime, Jan 18, 2016.

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    I have a MacBook Pro 2010 17" with me right now. Between 2012-2014, I used a rMBP 15" 2012. In 2014-a week ago, I used a rMBP 15" 2014. For the rMBP 15", I have the original SSD. I have Time Machine backups of both rMBP.

    I am waiting for the up-coming new Mac laptop which might be available in March or May. After upgrading to EI Capitan, the performance of my MBP 2010 17" became slow. I checked. Mail is not the cause for the slowdown.

    1. Since I have been using MBP, will there be issues if I restore the TimeMachine backups of my MBP/rMBP on a MacBook or MacBook Air due to major hardware differences?

    2. If I upgrade the HD of my MBP 2010 17" to SSD, do you think I will have issues given that rMBP 2012 and rMBP 2014 have more advanced hardware.

    Any suggestion appreciated. Thanks.
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    If you use migration assistance, there should be no problem at all. It basically only recover your data and setting. It's the OS to handle the driver, but not your user profile / data. As long as you don't downgrade to a OS that release before your Mac, there should be no driver issue at all.

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