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    It's just dawned on me recently that I won't be living with my parents too much longer, and I don't plan on packing too heavy as far as stuff I'm taking goes.

    One issue is my eMac. It's been the absolute best computer I've ever owned, and I'd love to have it with me forever. But the thing is 60 pounds, and I'm not entirely sure I want to drag that thing around wherever I'm going. It's a fantastic machine, and I know I could get a few more years of good service out of it if I maxed the RAM out on it, but it would suck if for some reason I had to move around a bit, and had to take it with me everywhere.

    So one option I'm considering is selling it (Or maybe just leaving it here for use when I visit) and buying an Apple notebook of some kind to replace it.

    I've had a 12" 1.3 GHz iBook G4 before, and it was alright. But a bit slow, even running 10.4 with the RAM maxed out at 1.25 GB. I love the design of PPC notebooks, but even I must admit that it's getting to the point where it's probably not a great idea to invest in one as my main machine. (Although if I could find a 1.5 PB G4 for a steal, I'd take it in a heartbeat :D)

    So, I'm looking at MacBooks. They seem to start at around $450-500 for the early Core Duo models, which is good. And if I were a newb to Macs, I wouldn't hesitate on buying one. Buuuut I was around and "in the know" when these things were new, and I remember there being a great deal of issues with these models. One that springs immediately to mind is the cracking case issue. Now to be honest, that wouldn't actually bother me unless it affected the usability of the machine. However, I recall that as just one of many things that went wrong. Anybody have any experience with these and their reliability? Am I just better off paying more for a C2D model?
    Or are there options I've not considered or should reconsider?

    Thank you. :)

    EDIT: Almost forgot; I already have a notebook of sorts (HP mini 110 netbook, running XP), but I want OS X. :p However, one option I may consider is hackintoshing the thing since I'm in love with the form factor of it. Anybody done this on that particular model? I would only do it if everything would work well (i.e, the wireless, the sound, etc.)
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    After the iBook was replaced (in 2005, right?) with the MacBook, that plastic case cracking issue never went away, but it stuck right along when they went to Core 2 Duo, and when the Black MacBook came around, the issue was there too. Those little thin topcases around the keyboard weren't the greatest things in the world, but at least it did get better with time.

    The Unibody white ones have entirely solved that issue, as they're just that; unibodies. That's about as much as I can tell you though. My girlfriend has that particular white design they used from 2005-2009 and hers has held up very well for 2 years now. Not one slight crack anywhere.

    She did have many tech issues though. iSight repaired from a software glitch, logic board and hard drive were replaced, and there was a screen flicker that seemed to heal itself.

    My 3 PPC beasts are still chugging on though, even if my iBook has cracks in the 2 top corners of the screen bezel. I would strongly advise not to get one as your main and only machine though. I have 2 to compliment each other and balance clutter, however, if it's slow now, it'll only get slower.

    I heard the Core Duos were good, but for a small chunk of change more (and I'm cheap, so I wouldn't exaggerate) I'd get one of the early Core 2 Duo models. I follow eBay religiously, and you can get a good one in the immediate $500 range.

    Why are my posts always so long? :confused:
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    Texas, unfortunately.
    Yeah, if the right C2D came along for the right price I'd grab it over a CD in a second, just because I could. But it seems that the CD's are far more common in that price range, so that's probably what I'm ending up with. That is, if I can get a few more replies from experienced owners.
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    Nov 16, 2010
    Where are you looking for them. On craigslist you can get a very good one pretty cheap. Tho I live in a college area. I got a month old Macbook pro for 800. I also bought my old macbook c2d for 700 bucks when it was a couple months old like 3 years back. Best thing is you can test them out buying online just seems sketchy used as you can't see what your getting. My Macbook core duo and then my C2D had that annoying case cracking but you take it to the apple store and they always just gave me a new front. I never buy apple care either, so that was pretty sweet tho I am not sure if its just the guys at my apple store are super nice.

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