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May 28, 2006
Manchester, UK
I agree that the before-790 series is cheap plastic, and pretty ugly, but I had to choose between USFF 790 for 80€ (so no PCI-e gpu, and I really needed HDMI, because my TV doesn't have VGA, DVI or DP input) or SFF 780 for 40€ (on the french craiglist around me), I didn't had that much choice, and it's hidden behind my 40inch TV so you don't see the ugly duckling ;)
And even-tho they're build like crap, they last pretty long, I have a 320 from 2005/2006, still going strong, but I don't have much use for it (except for old Windows XP games, and even tho for that there's Virtualbox)
Even tho I'm thinking about upgrading to a 990 (So I would FINALLY switch to iX CPU), or to buy a cheap 15$ 3GHz Quad Core Xeon and 2GB of RAM to upgrade to 8GB ;)
You can get a cable that's DP to HDMI. It'll carry audio as well. I used one on the 790...


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Sep 8, 2009
Northern California
I was going to buy a Chromebook Plus but figured might as well get something that is more functional. Weight is not an issue for me and It runs Mac OS HighSierra so I'm happy.
My 2012 MacBook Pro. Next thing I plan on doing is upgrading the RAM.
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My wife has my 13" 2012. Upgraded the RAM to 16GB and an SSD and it flies. It should be usable for years to come.



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Nov 17, 2013
London UK
upgraded to 10.14 Mojave on the MBP9,1 today :)

so far so good (been running rock solid on my MP5,1 too for a while now)

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