Post Your Desktop: December 2013


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Apr 14, 2013
Love the background, two things just out of interest.
1: Whats the O2 app in your dock?
2: How do the blu-rays look when ripped?

Oh, and my background :)

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The O2 is a 3g stick, I just moved into a new apartment and my service has yet to be turned on.

I rip to .ts now because my linux Box isn't persnickety with .ts unlike H264 mkv. I don't notice a difference on my ACD between the two but then I only have a cheap surround sound. Pavtube will let you rip to just about any format which is why I have it over MakeMKV. The SW was $40 if I remember and the internal drive was $65 so for $105 I can play or rip BluRay on my Mac.