Post Your iPhone Wallpaper [MERGED]


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Sep 10, 2015
Won’t let me upload my lock screen for some reason (gives me an ‘error’ message), but this is the best wallpaper I’ve found that looks best on my X and it hides the notch.

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Aug 5, 2004
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I dragged this image (a capture I initially took quite awhile back off part of the cover of an issue of The Economist) onto the camera roll of my XR and then took a screenshot of it so it ended up on a black background, then shrank that image slightly to end up as the XR's lockscreen.

Pearl on Half Shell.png

I love using image captures off the net as desktop photos or mobile wallpapers for awhile as a change from photos I've taken personally. Over the years I've leaned to make a point of filing notes at the same time on all due credits for the images I capture. I'm embarrassed that I've no clue even as to which issue of The Economist had featured the art on my phone's lockscreen at the moment, never mind a photo credit.
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