Post Your Windows Setup: Past & Present!


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Sep 29, 2017
East Bay, CA
Started with Windows 1, which was on floppies that you loaded at a DOS prompt. No pictures of that old machine. I was a reseller in the Finger Lakes of NY for many years. Sold and set up 1000's of machine over the years including many Small Business Servers. I always said that some day I wished I could get the 100's of hours back spent loading Windows. Now I just use an iMac, my Dell laptop just on my desk hardly used, crashes alot, can't be bothered to fix and upgrade it.

g.t. rags

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Nov 25, 2010
Long Island
Was actually quite impressed right now when i popped open the system information. 8 gigs of ram, i5-6500 quad core. I complained one day over a year ago about blue screen of death and the next day I came in and found this. I was using a 13 year old all-in-one with an intel core duo and 2 gigs of ram.