Posted two small guides for real amateurs

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by aerok, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Oct 29, 2011
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    I do applaud anyone who wants to share/provide information without obvious signs of commercial gain aerok.

    The one thing I did notice right-away is that your website has very little content. It does look like you're just getting started so that's to be expected. But, I wonder if you would be better off waiting until you have more a couple more tutorials to post before you take your site live.

    Also, make sure you have posted images on your site that will give you credibility as a photographer. When someone is trying to give me advice on photography, I like to see a full portfolio of their work to try and determine if I should be taking that advice.

    One last thing, when you click on an image for a larger view then close that image, make sure the viewer is taken back to some place in your site (usually the same image gallery thumbs). Don't rely on the viewer using the browser back button.

    I hope you keep going with your work aerok and keep building on this good start.

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    Headroom = “ugly waste of space”? You could just as easily argue the very opposite: that ‘empty’ space can give the subject of a picture ‘room to breathe’, or, if moving, a space ‘to move into’...
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    Have to agree with Doylem. There isn't a rule for headroom and I thought your picture of Karina was cropped very strangely into her body. It's also not a great example image as behind the head is blown out meaning I can't actually tell where the image stops and the background of your blog begins.

    Cropping very tight into the headroom of the toy is also very strange. I don't think I have seen many portraits where the hairline is right on the border of the image. I tend to see either a bit of headspace or cropped into the hair line.

    Instead consider maybe taking about the rule of thirds and how portrait photographers use that to make a pleasing composition.



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