Potential for near future Mac Pro Server configuration

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by tuna, Jun 11, 2013.

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    Apr 11, 2010
    I predict that some time in the next year we will see the release of a "Mac Pro Server" product that utilizes the same chassis and general design of the new Mac Pro but undergoes significant internal design changes to replace the dual high powered graphics cards with a second full-power CPU for up to 24 total cores (or perhaps more if we don't see this update until the next Intel architecture generation allowing for more than 12 cores per CPU), as well as more memory slots.

    I don't have any insider information but this is just a relatively straightforward and obvious prediction. Apple must continue to support its OS X Server features, which are a key feature to some enterprise customers, with appropriate hardware, and a single CPU, 4 DIMM slot, double graphics card workstation is outrageously unsuited to the server role. However, we know that the dual graphics cards are very demanding units so replacing them with another Xeon CPU and maybe also a much smaller discrete GPU (or else it could rely on integrated graphics) should not pose a problem from either a power supply or heat dissipation perspective. They just have to reconfigure the internal layout a little.

    Seeing as how they aren't going to bring back Xserve or anything else in a rack chassis, a Server-oriented version of the Mac Pro with a second Xeon and more DIMM slots is almost inevitable.
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    I would have to disagree here. When you look at where OSX Server has been going then the main thing now is the ability to control and configure Mac's, provide software updates etc. That doesn't need huge power in a machine.
    How much power do you need for an xsan admin machine.

    There are 3rd party products out there for integrating OSX in AD so that can manage through Windows etc.

    Also SCCM 2012 can provide support for 10.6 and 10.7 and R2 add support for 10.8.

    What are the features in OSX Server that Enterprises need that requires such specs nowadays.

    On the US Website then they have removed the Mac Pro with OSX Server under the Server section altogether.

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