Potential iPad customer looking for Killer Apps


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Aug 15, 2010
With the "new iPad" I have been considering purchasing one for the first time, but I hesitate because I have an iPhone. What I am wondering is to all the iPad users out there, what are some of the iPad's killer apps?

What I mean by killer app is something that was built from the ground up for the iPad that has a unique experience that the same app for the iPhone cannot provide. Case and point the new Photoshop touch for the iPad.

Most of the iPad apps I look at seems just blown up versions of the same iPhone app.


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Apr 4, 2011
If you have no use for a tablet PC (browsing the web, watching movies, reading books and magazines, listening to music all on the go), then no app will make you want to buy one. In other words, you need to have a use for the iPad as a whole to make it useful, not some magical app.


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Feb 4, 2010
If you don't see a reason to buy an iPad, don't buy one. If you need to ask people what they use their iPad for, you don't need an iPad.


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Nov 2, 2008
There are so many threads like this. There should be a sticky that has all the recommended apps because I want to help people with app recommendations but I don't like repeating myself over and over.


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Mar 10, 2012
Infinity Blade (duh)
iA Writer

Some of my favorites. Flipboard has a iPhone version, but the iPad version is where it's at. Most Apple apps (iWorks, iLife) are good examples, but GarageBand and iPhoto are the most striking IMO.


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Jun 8, 2011
Killer App = Mail. You're going to be communicating with people anyways, might as well make it bearable :D. All kidding aside though, Mail is awesome. It was built really well for the iPad and it was dubbed THE killer app since the 90s. How would you function without e-mail today?


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Aug 15, 2010
Posting in the correct forum might be a good start then

iPad Apps
I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this type of question. I thought that that forum was for iPad apps created by Apple while my question spans any app made by any company.

Also while I appreciate the app suggestions made I think that my point isn't getting across. I know such apps as Infinity Blade are amazing on the iPad, but they are not that much different than on the iPhone. My request are for apps that are either unavailable on the iPhone, or completely different from their iPhone counterpart. Another example would be the game Aquaria.

Also I don't see the point in saying comments along the lines of "if you have to ask then you don't need it." The iPad is a luxury item, and while I am sure that many of the owners who have one don't particularly "need" it I would like to know some of the benefits of owning one beyond the form factor of the hardware.


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Jul 1, 2011
Honestly, its something you have to experience it yourself.

I use to think the same thing until I actually used one. It is easy to dismiss it as a "large iPhone" but truth is the larger screen size really makes a difference. It may share many of the same apps, but almost all of them have been rebuilt and optimized to the take advantage of the extra screen real estate.