Potential iPad Pro Processors

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Sirmausalot, May 12, 2017.

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    The rumors are that a 10.5 iPad Pro would have a A10X and the rumored 12.9 would have an A11

    However, if this were to be true, the A11 is reported as delayed because of 10nm manufacturing problems. Is the 10X also supposed to be a 10nm process and would it delay it?

    Finally, in looking at old rumors, there is a lot of talk of a touch bar on an iPad Pro. Perhaps they are thinking of something that would be in iOS11. A context aware software bar or something?

    Perhaps there will be a 10X processor, but on the older 16nm process. Otherwise, I don't think we'll see an update to either iPad Pro models before the fall. Speculation encouraged!
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    The iPad Pro is the "touch bar". The only reason a macbook touch bar even exists is because Apple doesn't think touchscreen laptops are a good idea, and putting it in a more ergonomic place is a smarter compromise. Maybe a software dock or a menu bar like in OSX? That would be a much simpler solution.
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    I haven't heard of the second part. Do you have a link to such a rumor?

    The A10X is rumored to be on a 10 nm process. Initially it was rumored to be manufactured by Samsung (but this table has unfortunately turned out to be incorrect in several places), and more recently by TSMC. The 10 nm part has been consistent as far as I know.

    As for timeframes, Samsung is already manufacturing 10 nm chips, and as for TSMC, "high-volume ramp is expected to start in H2 2017," in time for presumably the next iPhone.

    I wouldn't be surprised if 10 nm timing is a reason why the iPad Pro hasn't been updated yet. If the A10X is on 14/16 nm then I think we would have seen an iPad Pro update already.
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    I would like a Backlit iPad Pro Keyboard
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    Makes more sense for both to use the same A11X processor and benefit from manufacturing efficiencies of scale. Especially if they will both share the same screen resolution.

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