Potentially Dangerous Root Exploit Found for Some Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 Devices

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    This security vulnerability is for some version models of the [international Samsung Galaxy S3] and some versions of the [Verizon / international Galaxy Note 2]. North American versions of the Galaxy S3 are not affected. It requires stock software. Custom ROMs should not be affected. North American versions of the Galaxy Note 2 are not affected at this time other than the Verizon version.

    The original developers thread over at XDA where this was discovered is:


    If you want to root your affected device with this exploit, you can get instructions at:

    Here is some press coverage from TheVerge:

    Serious vulnerability reportedly leaves Samsung Galaxy S III and other devices wide open to malware


    This vulnerability requires you to download and run malicious apps onto your device to be affected.
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    I think the whole article could be summed up with just this sentence. Or just one word: "Duh" :D
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    This is a privilege escalation bug that allows the installation of more malicious malware such as premium rate SMS and banking malware. These types of malware can't be installed without privilege escalation.

    This exploit wouldn't be exploitable if Android used a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) based sandbox like the MAC sandbox used in iOS.

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    SOunds like you'll be safe if you don't torrent apps, basically.
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    Pretty much. Android malware is such an overblown issue. This doesn't even effect the US version of the galaxy s3.
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