Power Adapter woes - odds of free replacement?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ChePibe, Sep 19, 2008.

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    The Power adapter on my MacBook Pro is about to drive me up the WALL. Sadly, however, my warranty expired in July, and I am much too cheap to have purchased an extended warranty.

    I understand that Apple is now replacing some out of warranty MacBook Pro power adapters with fraying issues. Well, mine isn't fraying, but nothing else about it seems to work properly. A short list of the problems:

    1) Computer frequently reports "Not Charging" while power supply is connected (although the computer actually appears to be charging at the normal rate...)

    2) LED light comes on only sporadically.

    3) Laptop frequently simply stops charging and reverts to battery. Only constant jiggling with the cable at both the power supply end and the laptop end fixes this.

    4) Power supply will, for extended periods, simply refuse to work. No amount of jiggling fixes this.

    I don't have any exposed wire, but the unit is obviously bad. It's an old, larger, rectangular power supply.

    It's out of warranty now, and the nearest Apple Store is an hour's drive away. It's worth the drive if they'll replace it for free, though. What do you think? Should I take it up, or just buy a new one? Anyone have any experience with this?
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    Go in and ask for a replacement. If you don't get one, buy a new one.
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    Had all those problems, and more besides. I'd rather drink Chinese milk formula than use their chargers again; but with a custom power connector you don't have a choice.

    I have found the wall-to-adaptor cable to be particularly flaky. Since they're sold separately, I'd try replacing that first. It's just a standard two-pin cable which you can pick up cheaply anywhere (if you're not too obsessed with looks).

    If that fails, you could chance your arm getting a replacement for free; but I expect they'll just say it's wear and tear and you'll have to pay for it.
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    If it is damaged as described in the tech note (feel the cable where it joins the strain relief) but not yet exposed you have a chance. If it feels different to the rest of the cable take a print out of the tech note, make an appointment and point out the issue. Be polite and you might just get a replacement, but remember: it's pretty much at their discretion if it's not actually frayed yet.

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