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    I'm not sure this is the right place for this article, if it needs to be moved please do so.

    A few days ago the cord on my adaptor for my G4 PB melted. Just a little spot, but it caused a crackling noise and I unplugged it from the computer, don't want to risk plugging it back in (I'm currently borrowing the gf's power adaptor when she doesn't need it).

    So I went online to look at buying a new one from Apple. Then I saw the reviews. Almost every review of their power adaptor was 1 star (lowest rating). Many people complained that you had to give it a star, they wanted no stars. There were tons of horror stories about replacing them multiple times.

    At this point I decided it was not fair for me to have to pay for a new one. I take very good care of my equipment, buy it the best protection and am very careful when using it. I didn't do anything wrong to my adaptor, but it failed after 2 years. For a product (the whole package, not just the adaptor) that costs this much, it should last more than 2 years when handled properly. Before you ask, I THOUGHT I had gotten AppleCare when I bought my computer, but checking over my records apparently I hadn't. I think I was low on funds when I bought it and figured I would buy it later, then thought that I had it so never got it. Sigh.

    So I called up Apple. Yelling at someone who did nothing wrong to you is not only rude but normally gets you nowhere, so I was very polite to the 2 different people I spoke to. They asked why I was calling, I said my adaptor melted in one spot, and they started asking me many, many questions that I answered as well as I could.

    Before I even got to the point of saying I want a new one, talking about the low quality of them, complaining in the least, they said they would send me out a brand new one for free. My computer is no longer under warranty, and I don't have AppleCare. Yet, they are willing to replace my product for free. Of course, they want me to send back my melted one (they are paying for shipping!) to make sure I'm not just trying to scam them into giving me a free back up adaptor.

    I have to say I'm very impressed with the service. Despite warranty being up, Apple understood that it had sold me a product that was sub par and broke when it should have lasted, and they replaced it at not cost to me. I just wanted to write this post to express my pleasure with Apple's business methods, and to remind people that if something goes wrong, to let Apple know in a friendly way and they will be friendly back. There are normal, everyday people on the other end of the phone, after all, who had nothing to do with what went wrong with your product but may be able to help you with it.
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    That's wonderful, thanks for sharing. Courtesy and a cool head always prevails! :) I was looking at that same page yesterday. I've never had any problems with my 65W though.
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    i had the same problem with mine. never called apple about it :mad:
    Just bought one of these off amazon for 31.99 with free shipping.
    for those who arent so lucky with the service call this a cheap replacement:
    MacALLY power adapter for 39.99
    See 1st link above for cheaper amazon version ;)

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