Power Consumption - Rebooting vs. Sleeping

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by nbs2, Feb 13, 2006.

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    This is a question that popped into my mind the other day. Normally I shut off my PB on the day I have class. I go to work at 7:15am, and don't have class until after work at 6:30pm. I could put my computer to sleep, but that brought up this question - which I think only someone who has experience can answer (but you never know...)

    I know that when a computer is sleeping it uses a little bit of power, and when it is off it uses even less. But, waking uses much less power than rebooting. So, at what point is it better for me to shut my computer off rather than just put it to sleep? I know that in my example, I could take my power brick, but the classroom is just not conducive to plugging in a computer.
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    Having it sleep for that long uses more battery than rebooting. I haven't tested it, but it seems like in my experience letting it sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours the battery takes a slightly noticeable hit. I'd say usually around 90-93% when I wake it up after that amount of time.

    So if you're worried about battery life, I think shutting down is best for you. But if you're like me and prefer to keep the uptime going, then I'd try it to see if you have enough to let it sleep all and day get you through class too.
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    There are too many factors for us to consider. Age of the battery, how much charge it holds, and some other things. The best thing for you do is to switch back and forth between methods for a week or two. Record what percent battery you have when you are ready to use it. Make your decision from that.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that shutting off your computer will save more power.
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    Since you go into work, couldn't you plug in your PB when you are at work, letting the computer remain on and asleep? This to me sounds like the most logical solution, that way you aren't putting as much strain on the computer by shutting it down and powering it on more than needed.
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    You can turn it off while your at work. Just before going to class, boot up with the power adapter connected so you don't drain the battery. But to answer the question, from my users manual "If you are not going to be using the PowerBook for a day of two, shut it down."
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    I could take the power adaptor to work, but there are two issues there. One is that the power outlets are a bit difficult to reach if I don't bring in the extension portion of the power brick. Two is that I'm just too lazy :). I like to leave the power brick at home just for the ease of set up. When I get home, it is just easier to plug it in and then connect the iPod and head to bed. No wire fussing. Even the iPod cable never moves.

    I've been able to make it through class without any problems, but I'm always paranoid that I'll run out of battery early. That means that a good part of class is spent with the screen brightness down to one notch. Can be hard to see sometimes.

    As for the current status of my battery, I'm rather disappointed. According to coconut battery, it is at 77%. That wouldn't be awful for a two year old machine, but this is the replacement that Apple sent me as part of the exploding battery recall (or whatever the problem was). Seems like a bit of a fast drop after a year and only 64 load cycles. Cycles are low b/c I have a second battery that I have had since I got the machine (it has 294 or so and still 92% capacity).
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    I've been a mac 'book user for quite a while. I use to use my battery almost all the time, I'd go to work and not bring a charger. However, when I found out I was really going through my battery cycles fast, I'm much more conservative, plugging in almost every opportunity (but not too much of course).

    More on topic, I only shut down my powerbook when I have to instal software etc.

    The beauty of Mac laptops is that they wake from sleep so fast. Just open the lid and your ready to go! I find that it's usually windows users that shut down there notebooks after every use.

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