Power issue: Can it *possibly* be related to the jailbreak/3rd party apps?


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Oct 22, 2007
I bought a Touch 10 days ago. Did a jailbreak 9 days ago using iJailBreak. :) Installed a bunch of things; uninstalled the ones I didn't care for or didn't think I'd use. Spent the next week traveling with the device between Boston and San Francisco, watching videos, using the WiFi, showing it off, etc. It was fine.

I used it on the plane the whole flight back from SF. The last half of the flight, I used an iGo airplane power cable to keep it charged. I got home real late Friday night.

Saturday, I didn't use the Touch at all until late evening. When I retrieved it from my laptop bag, it wouldn't power up. I tried holding the home button, the power button, both buttons. Plugged it into wall power for an hour. Still nothing. I ended up taking it back to the Apple Store today, where the Genius Bar folks verified that it was DOA and swapped it for a new one. Not a refurb, either; a real, boxed, retail one. Of course, they didn't know about the jailbreak because the thing wouldn't power up. (Obviously, since it wouldn't power up, I couldn't do a restore in iTunes before taking it in.)

I want to jailbreak the new one. I really do. And I can't imagine that anything I did in software caused the power issue. I'm guessing it was either the iGo/airplane power, or a freak/faulty device from the outset. But I'd like some reassurance that there's no battery-eating software out there waiting to do this to me again.

Also, I'm curious as to whether anyone here knows about what Apple does with returned units: Are they just going to fix it, flash it, and sell it as a refurb, or do they actually investigate the failures? Are they likely to notice that it was a jailbroken device? Does it matter? I wouldn't want my name/address/Apple ID to end up on some "warranty violator" blacklist and get denied future warranty service. :)

Chris F

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Jul 27, 2007
Its probably what you think it is, either the adapter friend something in the power circuitry or you had a hardware failure.

I work writing driver code for HDTV chips (a TV these days is an embedded flash device with an OS just like the touch) for a living and rest assured its very very hard for software to outright kill hardware.

I guess the bottom line is that if such occurances were even remotely common you would have plenty of posts about it and seeing as you are the only one....


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Oct 22, 2007
Dont worry, I got my 3g iPod replaced with linux on it and apple hasnt void any of my waranties.
Also I worked in a apple store and they just sent all the dead iPods off to apple in the US so i dunno.


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Apr 27, 2003
Montréal, Québec
Did you leave the sleep mode off because you needed to transfer a big file over SSH? Was it roaming from WiFi to WiFi? My battery drained a lot faster once I was using multiple applications that requires internet access constantly; force quiting them once you're done with them worked for me!
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