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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mifeel, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Oct 31, 2016
    Hello to all, i don't know if a post like this is already been add, if so my apologize. I recently got a pmg4 mdd but without memory sticks or hard drive. i don't have all types os memory for pc around the house so i put a windows ram on it and add a hard drive. the question is when i power it on after the chime sound the mac shows a globe and spit out the cd drive and if i press the alt key they show a back and forward key and nothing more. help??
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    Jan 10, 2016
    It indicates that it cannot find an operating system to boot from. Contrary to modern Intel Macs, PowerPC Macs cannot boot into any iteration of Windows. You need to install OS X, either Tiger or Leopard would do.
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    The computer can't find a valid OS install. You will need to install OS X. There is a pretty easy way to do this without getting a disk. You can obtain images for both Tiger and Leopard from the Macintosh Garden (a quick google search will get you there). Once you have the images, you can create a bootable USB, or just burn a DVD (Note: Leopard will only fit on a dual layer DVD unless you slim it down). I prefer to create a USB installer because it is much easier, faster, and more reliable.

    USB Creation Process, (You will need another Mac for this)

    1. Mount the DMG of Mac OS X Installer by double clicking the file.

    2. Open "Disk Utility" and plug in your USB Drive.

    3. Select your USB Drive from the lefthand side of the window.

    4. Go to the Erase tab and select "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and name it whatever you want.

    5. Uncheck "Mac OS 9 Drivers" and hit Erase.

    6. Wait for it to erase and then select the Partition tab.

    7. Set "Volume Scheme" as 1 Partition

    8. Then select "Options" and select "Apple Partition Map" then hit OK

    9. Finally hit Apply.

    10. Now go to the "Restore" tab.

    11. Drag the partition from the USB Drive into the Destination box.

    12. Now Drag "Mac OS X Install DVD" into the Source box.

    13. Check "Erase Destination" and hit "Restore". (This will take a VERY long time so be patient).

    After this is done, plug the USB back into your PowerMac, and then hold the option key down again. There should now be an option. Once you have booted into the installer, either from the DVD or a USB, you will need to access the "Utilities" menu at the install screen and navigate to Disk Utility. From here you will need to erase the HDD and make sure it is set to "Mac OS Extended" and apply it. Remaining in Disk Utility, you will need to go to the partition tab, and select the "Volume Scheme" pull down tab and choose 1 Partition, after this, you MUST hit the "Options" button and select "Apple Partition Map" and hit Ok. Once this is done, hit apply and you should now be able to install OS X.
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    Note that whatever was on the drive wil be erased!!
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    Bugging someone about it likely won't make it happen faster. I'm sure the OP will update us when he/she has time to work on the computer. The question was posted on Monday.
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    Oct 31, 2016
    hello guys. sorry for my delay but got some troubles in my life that i only now have time to work on my projects. So, about the answer is no i do not work the things out. i instead bough on ebay a mac mini and after some time fighting with it i install my mac os x. I now gonna fight with boot camp to install a win7 partition to work as a tv set top box.

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