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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mafpolo, Jul 19, 2011.

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    I am about to purchase a new Power Mac tower. I currently use a Power Mac G5 with a 23" cinema display. I primarily use the Mac for photo editing.
    My 23 " cinema display is the older version (acrylic not aluminum). It is still in perfect working order - no dead pixels, etc.
    How can I make it work with the new Power Mac?
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    I'm pretty sure you mean make it work with the new Mac Pro, right?

    I've never used an Apple display before but I'm pretty sure that display is ADC which also carried power from the Mac to power the display.

    Mac Pros no longer have ADC, they have DVI that will not cary power to your display. Unfortunately that means you'll need an expensive converter so that you can supply power to it by plugging it into an outlet. I don't think Apple even sells these anymore so eBay and other used markets might be your only option.

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    That depends. For most of the G5s lifetime, the 23" was an Aluminium Display with DVI, in which case it will work instantly (Just plug and play). If its acryllic, you need the adapter, if its Brushed Aluminium, it will just plug right in.
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    This matches all the data and knowledge I have.
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