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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by SecurityTinker, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I am a student that uses my iPod touch for student related things. My iPod was given to me, and so I wanted to make use of it. I did. My primary uses for it are for the Notes, Remember the Milk, gFlashPro, Clock/Alarms, English Dictionray, Chinese Dictionary, and of course, email. I don't really make use of it's music/video capabilities. :)

    I used to use it for web browsing a few sites like MacRumors right before I went to bed and other things like WootWatch, but I recently found that I can do these things much more easily and in half the time if I just spend a little more time on the computer before bed. I also used to check my email the moment I woke up, but I found that I could live with getting up to check it on the computer. Because of this, I now only require Wi-Fi be on for a few seconds each day for Remember the Milk syncing.

    Before when I used the web browser and Wi-Fi was always on, I would need to charge my iPod every 2-3 days. Now with Wi-Fi off nearly all the time, the battery never drains, especially because I plug it into the computer every 4 days for updates and calendar syncing etc. Is it good for the battery to have it near a full charge all the time, or should I go back to the previous routine and drain the battery every few days?
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    Having the battery near full charge won't hurt anything. I personally don't waste my time doing things like "calibrating" the battery on my iphone. Just enjoy your ipod instead of worrying the battery. :)
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    Yeah. Though, the calibration is sometimes helpful, as I've had the battery die a minute or two after the "<10%" warning. But, that usually doesn't matter unless you're "on the go" with your iPod rather than a casual device around the house.

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