Power on Mac Pro from cinema display?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by CubeHacker, Mar 15, 2016.

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    Apr 22, 2003
    I recently upgraded from a Dual 2.0 powermac to a nice shiny 3,1 Mac Pro. I'm running one of the older 23" ADC cinema displays which still works perfectly using the ADC to DVI adapter. With the Powermac, I was able to power on the system by touching the power button on the cinema display. With the Mac Pro, the power button still responds to touch (lights up), but doesn't actually power on the system. Was this functionality removed?
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    DVI doesn't have that ability. Is your adapter ADC-DVI only or ADC-DVI+USB? This is only a guess, but you might get power-down and sleep functionality with a +USB adapter, like one gets with the old USB keyboard with power button (or an ADB keyboard connected via a USB adapter).
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    Intel Macs do not support power on through USB, either from the display or the keyboard. Sorry. :(
  4. AidenShaw, Mar 16, 2016
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    Intel Windows and Linux systems do, however.

    Anyway - I replied because the ACD displays are horrible, antiquated pieces of crap compared to even really cheap current monitors. We sent all of our (well, actually "both of our") ACDs to the eWaste bin years ago, and upgraded to Dell UltraSharps.

    Even the "current" Apple T-Bolt display is an antique - a couple of generations behind current displays. (And it's not even T-Bolt 2, for crying out loud.)

    Seriously, abandon Apple monitors. Apple abandoned them years ago.
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    Why throw out perfectly good and working piece of equipment into a landfill when it can still be used for 99% of tasks. It still has a good 1920x1200 resolution, is nice and bright, and is an IPS display with excellent viewing angles. My biggest qualm would be the sub par black levels, but what can I expect from a display from 2002? Not to mention, it looks cool and vintage, unlike most other boring black LCD screens.

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