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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by mostafiz28, Feb 3, 2016.

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    Is there a way to find out whether the power supply is in good condition or not? I sometimes get a smell that is similar to an electric room heater out of power supply. Although everything seems to work fine and there is no issue with the machine. But the burning smell just isn't comfortable to live with. any thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks very much.
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    I think the very first step may be install some software to the check temperature.

    And then try to stress the machine + monitor the temperature change.

    If the PSU is bad, usually it's power output will drop. So, it may shut down, or error under stress.

    If still in doubt, I think you have take it to Apple (or any good electronic repair store) to open it up, and have a look inside.

    If you are OK to open the Mac and take out the PSU, take it out to check if there is lots of dust. If yes, blow them away, it may fix the problem. Of course, when you take it out, have a close look if there is any burn mark etc.
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    I use Cinema 4d to render out high res stills. The software loads up all the cores for hours. I haven't seen any sudden jump in PS temp during rendering neither does it show any error. I guess dust can be the problem as I have never opened up the optical bay or the power supply. I will try and clean it. Thanks for your advice.

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