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Mar 22, 2011
Fort Myers, FL USA
Caudabe Veil iPhone 6 Plus


Power Support Air Jacket iPhone 6 Plus

I currently have the original Non Force AirJacket direct from their website in both Clear And Smoke. I chose them because I didn't like the thicker Apple Store version.

But now looking at the Caudabe Veil above online I'm curious:

1) How much thinner is it compared to the Air Jacket?

2) Is there a significant difference that affects the weight and feel?

I want the most minimal case. I like to be as close to the dimensions of a naked iPhone. Any recommendations?


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Jul 21, 2014
The veil is quite thin and light, like a hardened prophylactic for your phone. If you want the most minimal case, then Caudabe, Shumuri, etc would be your best bet. Otherwise a full body skin might be what you're after.
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