POWER the PowerBooks!


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Aug 6, 2001
We know the problems Apple has had with upgrading the PowerBooks (over-heating etc.), and Steve J. maintains sales for notebooks are still firing. We thought a glimpse of new Powerbooks would be seen at MWNY - rumors circulated about a CD-RW model with 500 - 600MHz.

BUT, when is Apple going to pull PowerBooks up to speed??? The current model lags behind everything else. Surely waiting until September to see a 500 - 600 CD-RW model is going to be another lack lustre event, and a waste of time. Apple pushes the cinematography and photogrpahy applications of these machines throughout their marketing. A PowerBook with 500-600MHZ and a CD-RW is now not going to cut the grade in comparison, particularly if the PowerBooks are portable equivalents of the 'NEW' desktop G4 models.

If Apples product development is reading this, please take note - and bring the PowerBooks up to speed with like G4 desktops. PowerBooks have always followed the desktop models - poorly at that. The 'new' G4 notebooks rumored to be released in September need more than a subtle upgrade as rumored - they need a SuperDrive, as well as MHz equivalent to the desktops.

The PowerBooks are professional machines, like their desktop equivalents, used by people wanting performance, and a need to satisfy industry expectations for which they serve.

APPLE save us all another dissapointment, bring confidence back to investors, invest in product for now, and give POWER TO THE POWERBOOKS!!!


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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
now wait just a minute...

1. Since when have laptops matched desktops in speed? The concept of a laptop is PORTABILITY, not necessarily speed. If you want speed you get a desktop, if you want to do your work on an airplane then you sacrifice some speed.

2. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the Powerbook the fastest laptop on the market? I don't think any PIII or Athlon can outdo the G4, even at twice the Mhz. Looking at the current industry, it already beats every other laptop out there (at least that I've seen).

3. Mobile processors cost more to make. Maybe Apple could put a faster G4 in the TiBook, but you might not want to pay the premium associated with it.

4. A superdrive requires a full height drive. A mobile version is not available as far as I know. Besides, Apple doesn't make these, so they're at the mercy of whoever is developing them.

I'm not disappointed by the Powerbook, and I won't be even if only a modest upgrade is announced in September. Given the power in that little case (not to mention battery life, screen size, and weight), I'd say they meet if not exceed industry expectations already.


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Jul 7, 2001

Excellent points on that last post. I don't expect much hardware in Paris. 600-700mhz, and CDRW base and combo drive high end model. A superdrive option is outrageous!! I'm looking forward for more software releases for my OS X. I can't wait until I can stop using classic mode. I need a full version of IE or Netscape (rumor has it that netscape is not producing anymore) and Photoshop. How about little programs like Realplayer and such. Any news on those?



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Aug 7, 2001
PowerBook Crappy Resolutions


I'm looking into trading my IBM 1ghz thinkpad with 32 megs video/ 32 gigs HD, CDRW, 15inch ultraXGA 1600x1200 resolution laptop for a The next revision Power Book.. The only thing that concerns me is do any of you guys think they will up the resolution of the screen to something at least on the lines of sony's vaio 1400 x 1024?.. The screen on the the IBM is just amazing! I am web developer I use it to display large amounts of code and it is amazing. It is the sharpest screen I have ever seen!. I have compared it screen to screen and the IBM blows its away. I think Apple is not using there 15.2 inch screen to it's full potential. ever worked on a with a graphics app at 1024x768 it is horrible. Anyways 1600x1200 is not as small as everyone said because on the LCD everythign is so sharp and readable. It's great. Only in CRT's is when the text gets blurred at a high reolution on a small monitor.

Does anyone know if there are plans to use the screen at its full potential?.. This is suppose to be there "professional laptop" for graphic professionals.. Leave the low res for the ibooks.


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May 12, 2001
Yo Mike Be-ach, can you like chill out? Firstly, keep the IBM Thinkpad with its "amazing" resolution. No one is going to take that hunk of trash for a Revision 2 Powerbook Titanium. HAHAHAHA im laughing as I write this. Secondly, the resolution on Ti's is Awesome. I say this since I am a creative arts director. Look, the Ti Book is the ultimate laptop (no exaggerations) for graphic proffessionals on the market. If you are not convinced of its ability why are you planning to get it? What I dont understand is why do you complaing of the Ti having a bad resolution when you have never worked with a graphics app on it. If you have, you would know that Bryce 4 or Photoshop 6 generate amazingly fast and perfect resolution images at a resolution of 1024 * 768. I dont know what you are talking about.


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Aug 7, 2001
I know the tibook is faster for photoshop.. What I am saying is that not that 1024x768 makes bad images..I worked on a Tibook before.. Love the speed hate the crowded work space due to low res. It that when you working on a brochure or magazine spread in illustrstor and/or photoshop 1024 x 768 with all the palettes open gives you a very small and cumbersome work space. At 1600x1200 with all the palettes open you work space is huge you can don't have to scroll to look at things everywhere. That was my main reason I purchase the IBM...I was just wondering if anyone thinks that in the Rev2 TiBook they will up to resolution to a higher resolution be be on par with some of the Higherend notebooks offered by IBM, Sony and Dell. Don't get me wrong..The TiBook is a great machine. I would just be perfect with a option to use it a a higher res. Any Guesses ANYONE?.


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Jul 20, 2001

Unfortunately, I think you're gonna be stuck with the PowerBook's current resolution. The iBook was Apple's first foray in a long time into making more pixels into a smaller space, but there is a world of difference (much in quality control) between doing that on a 12" screen and on a 15" screen.

I'd love to see a 1600x1200 on the next PowerBook -- but I'm afraid that just isn't in the cards...