Power Usage/ Remote Wake?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by whyrichard, Sep 22, 2011.

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    I have two questions, perhaps this should be two posts...

    the first is: what is the easiest way to wake my mac from my phone, from outside my home network? I have tried the iphone app wakeonlan, but it was a pain to configure, and booted other computers off my wifi from time to time (such as after a restart)

    are there other, simpler options?

    the reason for this is simply to save electricity, which brings me to my second questions:

    when my '09 quad is idling, with the monitors and all periphreals off, how much electricity is it consuming? how much does it raise my power bill (in ny long island)? the mac pro has two video cards (one stock, one ati), two ssd's, three hdd's (caviar blacks), and 8 gigs ram...

    thanks for any suggestions!

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    There is a meter you can by called "kill a watt"
    It will tell you about you electrical usage. My 2008 octo uses about 280 watts just idling with the monitor off. I do like to leave one system running 24/7for remote access and downloading so I set up a atom system it's running windows home server (I was running Ubuntu I like to play with different OS's) It use 35 watts and has 3 .2 TB of storage.

    I figured I ran my mac pro 24/7 it would cost $60 a month.

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