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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by palebluedot, Jan 31, 2012.

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    I have a specific thought/question as it relates to today's Airport, Time Capsule, etc. update for OS X.

    I know a lot of folks will be perfectly happy, especially "normal" users or iOS converts but it's been pretty obvious (on this forum at least, if it is any representative sample of the APPL power user base as a whole) that power users are quite upset with the loss of logging, signal strength, IPv6, etc.

    Is there any realistic and tangible way we can communicate this displeasure to Apple in a way that it will actually be heard and potentially acted on?

    I don't expect them to go back to the old style AirPort Utility nor do I care if they do, I just wan't the option to hold down Option (kidding...). What I mean is I'd love to be able to "Enable Advanced/Power User Mode" and get the features that are common to even $20 DLink routers on my $300+ router.

    It seems like it isn't a huge hurdle for Apple to add in a small menu item or w/e. I know it's unlikely, but just a thought. Venting on forums obviously isn't going to make the situation any better for power users.

    I love Apple and have defended them for a long time from Apple bashers. I also love PCs. I love my iPhone, iPad, Time Capsule, Apple TV, etc. But this is the first time I have felt like Apple is turning in a consumerization direction that is a step too far. I know iOS is the goal of Apple these days, and I can respect that for non-power users, but we are talking simple wireless router features here...

    tl;dr Does Tim Cook have an email address like Steve Jobs, because if so I'm emailing now. :D
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    Just a thought.
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    The best and proper way to let Apple know how you feel is by using their Feedback form.

    Sending an email to Tim Cook, may or may not do anything and he'd likely either ignore it or forward it on to the proper department team concerning the Airport software.
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    Will be doing that, thanks for the link!
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    The problem is you still need the newest version to use iCloud (I believe). Moreover, I doubt they would include that version if there weren't a lot of TC's in the wild that needed it. I think a lot of the consternation is with the growing loss of control over OS X as iOS and OS X merge. It's not as dramatic as that yet, nor will be for a line time, but it's about that time Apple decides which way to sail the ship. So what's wrong with speaking out if you disagree but still love the products?

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