Powerbook 1400CS in Dutch?

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    Hi Everyone
    I purchased this laptop for a bit of fun and to have a play with a mac being a windows man but liking the feel of the mac my problem is that the OS is in Dutch and there dosen't seem to be a way of changing it i have tried installing OS7.5 again but accidently made it launch as a text file and carn't seem to change it back.

    I have a copy of OS9 but need more memory to install it (not easy to find at the right price).

    If any one can help with any of the above i will be very greatful

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    The earliest OS you can run on the 1400 series is system 7.6. The ideal OS to run on the 1400 series is System 8.1 -- I believe you can run System 8 on 8MB of RAM but this is like the bare minimum, I know the minimally configured 1400 series came with 8MB of RAM, right?
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    the 1400CS @ 117Mhz could run a unique version of 7.5.3. The 133Mhz & 166Mhz models required 7.6.1 (also a unique version IIRC). System 7.5.5 never ran on a 1400

    If you have a CD ROM module in it that works (though how can tell without MacOS 8.x boot disc will be hard) you might be able to find a PB1400 original bundle disc on eBay.

    Some "691" numbers from the CDs are:
    System 7.5.3 CD for PowerBook 1400 series v2.0 (691-1519-A)

    System 7.6.1 CD for PowerBook 1400 series v3.0 (691-1557-A)

    Note that country specific CDs will prefix the 691 number with a letter. International English is a "Z" prefix. Apple used to maintain a list but it seems to have gone AWOL.

    The 1400s were later supplied with MacOS 8.0 and I believe a generic release/retail version of MacOS 8.0-8.6 should work fine. If you go to OS 8 I'd recommend MacOS 8.6.

    There appears to be a 7.5.3 PB1400 available here, but this is not an endorsement nor a recommendation. :eek:

    Happy hunting. :)

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