Powerbook 15" dull screen.....


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Aug 22, 2004
I've had my powerbook 1GZ 15" for the past 5 months with only one slight problem. After one month of owning it, I noticed that the screen in the lower right hand corner, about 40% of the screen was quite dull compared to the rest. It does get better after about an hour, but it's still ever so slightly noticable.

I was going to have it sent back to Apple, but after hearing that others had sent their machines sent back for various reason, only to find more problems once back to them, I was a little put off.

Does anyone know if this is quite a simple thing to fix? and weather it's worth sending back to Apple? Thanks



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May 31, 2004
First off, being anal... weather=whether......

Second, to answer your question: The only thing you can really do to fix the problem is to send it in to Apple, and I don't know what other problems could arise from that. Even if something did happen, Apple stands by their work 30-90 days (I can't remember which), so you're covered if anything else bad happens.

Just call AppleCare while it's covered! That's what it's there for!
Lee Tom


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The old 'uneven illumination'

I guess the answer is 'does it annoy you enough to send your PB off to get fixed?' and how bad is it? Do you constantly notice it - or is only when you do an infrequent task?

Either way, I'd leave it a little while since I read something yesterday saying that Apple's European portables repairer has gone under. I'd wait til they get the new system sorted before entrusting my laptop to them.


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Jan 21, 2005
I had the same problem, similarly on a 15" PB a few months old. It got sent back to Apple (in UK) and returned working but after 2 weeks the issue returned. Once again I returned it and the problem came back again.
The third time Apple accepted it for a full refund (it was bought as a refurb from the Apple store).


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Jan 6, 2005

As a possible buyer of a 15" powerbook I have to ask, is this a common problem?


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Jul 27, 2004
Chicago, IL
evilernie said:
As a possible buyer of a 15" powerbook I have to ask, is this a common problem?
Not at all. I've only ever heard of maybe two cases here, and trust me, there are loads of people with pbooks who frequent these forums.

I myself have a 1.25 15inch and, besides the infamous "white spots" broohaha early on, I've had no trouble with the display.


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Jul 23, 2002
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I've not had this problem either.

Remember people people who whine or complain make a lot of noise, and this being the interenet, people will echo the naysayers even if what they're saying is not true.


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Aug 11, 2004
Oh yes it is common... probably 2 people here but like hundreds in other forums... the new PB might be fixed though...


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Aug 22, 2004
Well mine was bought brand new, I'll probably just get it sent back within the next week, tired of seeing it every time I boot up, and for what you pay for any apple product, you shouldn't have any problems, especially hardware ones.

Thanks for the advice guys, and to you "Anal" Lee :)

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