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    This morning i was fortunate enough to receive a working PowerBook 165 for free with only one problem, the left hinge was cracked.

    When I got home with it i spent the day repairing the hinge and ended up fixing the broken hinge but somehow in the process the video ribbon cable was damaged and will not display proper video.

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a PowerBook 165 video ribbon cable?
  2. MacTech68, Aug 28, 2009
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    If it's a PB 165c (Colour) then the Apple P/N is 922-0373

    If it's a PB 165 (GreyScale) the the Apple P/N is 922-0820 which incidentally also suits a PB 160 (Greyscale).

    Those numbers are a stock part number. The number printed on the cable is a different number. You may have luck searching for the number printedd on the cable itself. A lot of eBay sellers only use the number on the cable to identify the part.

    I hope that info helps. :cool:
    Giovanni Volpi

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