Powerbook 3400 "freeze" issue! Help Needed!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Plutonique9, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Aug 23, 2004

    I'm having trouble with a Powerbook 3400 (actually 3500 kanga motherboard) that I can't seem to isolate the reason why it keeps freezing in OS 9.
    I've tried various things already including;

    :: Reseting PMU & flashing PRAM (Open Firmware & Tech tool)
    :: Removing RAM from upgradable slot
    :: Low-Level Formatting of Hard drive (20gb Travelstar 4200RPM)
    :: Reinstalling fresh OS 9 system
    :: New Power board (power Manager board)
    :: Heatsink mods (Arctic Silver) and triple checked good contact with CPU.

    Thing is, it doesn't seem to be a heat issue. Used the unit nearly 2 years without a single issue and now it's playin' up.

    Two questions;

    The built-in Ram that is soldered to the motherboard (32mb). Could that RAM be bad causing the system to freeze? If so, is there any third-party application that i can run at boot time that can test this RAM, i don't think the Apple RAM test "fully" tests the RAM at boot? I know there are RAM check apps that can run under OS 9, but it can't check RAM that is in use..

    Is there anyway possible to disable sectors of RAM? For example, can I get Mac OS 9 to ignore the built in RAM? Anything along these lines?

    Finally, I've thought that maybe the PRAM battery (being dead) might be causing the problem. Since the PRAM powers the PMU, if it was low or dead......could it corrupt the PMU and cause the system to freeze. I only say this because the Powerbook usually will only boot up after resetting the PMU, I normally can't just get it to boot with the power button.

    Any insight would be appreciated....and I'm pretty much a techie so you can respond with technical terms.



    Aside from that

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