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Aug 22, 2005
Madrid - Spain
Hi! After quite long time thinking about it (and saving money), I'm gonna buy my first mac. I guess it's gonna be the 12" superdrive powerbook, so I think I'm gonna wait until the Paris Expo for the new upgrades (but not until the intel transition gets complete, this is quite too long...). But I have one question about the AirPort Extreme: does it works fine at cisco wireless?. I've seen at the powerbook specifications that it has AirPort Express and it has LEAP support but I would like some experiences from real users.

At my university they use a cisco wireless aad I don't want to buy a laptop that's it's not gonna work propperly where I am the most time of the day. Has anyone proved it really? Does it works fine withouth any problems?


...ah! something else... I'm gonna use it for programming and quite some amateur graphic design and multimedia edition. Do you think that the 12" is enough for that? Or better getting the 15" one?

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Apr 3, 2004
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AirPort Extreme is really just Apple-speak for 802.11g which means it'll work just fine with almost all wireless broadcasters. I'm almost certain my uni uses Cisco and it's fine. :)

Oh, and aim for the 15 inch PowerBook if possible. Better graphics card, screen, backlit keyboard, cheaper to add RAM and some other smaller benefits too.


Apr 23, 2005
The L3 cache of the 15" may be of benefit to you in the areas you listed. Also, the G4 12" has much too low of a RAM limit for most serious work. Programming will be better on a screen with a resolution above 1024x768 also (I can't stand anything less than 1600x1200 when I am coding personally), and graphics design would also benefit from this. Therefore I would go for the 15", which is what I also plan to do provided they still exist after the Intel Powerbooks come out.


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Jan 27, 2004
Vermont, USA
I connect to my university's wireless network (CISCO) on my mac through a VPN client and it works just great.

If you're curious about the client check out:

Mac OSX VPN client

However, I'd download it directly from your school because if they're nice like mine, it's all set up for you :D

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