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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by covertrussian, May 7, 2007.

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    Hey guys!

    If this is the wrong place to post, please direct me in the correct direction :)

    I have a Powerbook 1.67Ghz model. The CD/DVD drive used to work fine on it, until I had to take the hard drive, 60GB Toshiba MK6025GAS, out of it and install it in a different Powerbook, but same model.

    Now I installed a 80 GB, Toshiba MK8026GAX, hard drive, and it works fine but the CD drive is not being recognized. When I stick the old original hard drive back in the computer the CD drive works fine, but then the other Powerbook's CD drive is not working.

    After swapping couple hard drives, only the original hard drive, the 60GB Toshiba MK6025GAS, is the only one that makes the CD drive work.

    With no HD's in the computer, the CD drive also works without a problem.

    I've read that the Powerbook's had the issue of Slave/Master mixups. So the CD drive becomes a master with the working hard drive, but with everything else it becomes Slave and thus not being recognized.
    Here is an example

    Also, this is an OWC cd drive, the original CD drive broke. But I attempted using the an original Apple CD/DVD drive and it didn't work either.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot! :D
  2. covertrussian thread starter Guest

    Got issue fixed.

    The problem was in the Hard Drive IDE cable.

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