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  1. HuskyDomains macrumors newbie

    May 22, 2004

    I've decided to convert from the PC World and finally invest in a Mac.. Sometime in the next few weeks I plan on purchasing a Powerbook 15" with 128 MB Video/1 GB Ram/Combo Drive/Backlit Keyboard... Now that I've figured out which config I want for the machine I need to look at extras. Being that I'm going to live in a dorm room I'm going to need a nice set of headphones. I listen to so much music on my computer that I really dont need to skimp on what I spend here.. Does anyone have any suggestions of a decent pair of headphones between 60-100.00 that would be ideal for blocking out outside sounds for basic music use?.. I don't know a great deal about extras Mac offers, but I'm going to need an optical mouse as well.. Wireless isn't necessary, What do you guys think about the basic Apple Optical Mice?.... Anything else you can think of that I may need for the new machine. For HS Graduation I received a Tom Bihn ID Messanger Bag to carry the laptop in from my grandmother so that area is all taken care of.. A lock possibly?.. Any responces would help this newbie... Thanks
  2. yoda13 macrumors 65816


    Sep 26, 2003
    Well of course, I love Apple's optical mouse, but be forewarned, as I am sure that you are aware, that it is only a single button mouse. Coming from the PC world, I am sure that you aren't used to this. So you might want to look at a third party mouse. Also, since your PB will have built-in bluetooth, you might want to seriously consider a wireless bluetooth mouse even though you don't need it. I have played a little with one and they are way cool, IMO. Congrats on your decision and welcome to the Mac community.
  3. jknight8907 macrumors 6502a


    Jun 14, 2004
    Hudson Valley NY
    First off, about the mouse. Don't get the apple one unless you are prepared to ditch all your right-click and scroll-wheel habits. If you do like the coloring of the apple mouse, though, a company called MacMice (www.macmice.com) makes a two button scroller that looks just like the apple mice. They even have an aluminum one to match your PowerBook. They are also expected to come out with a BT version which would go well with the PB's built-in Bluetooth. I would suggest that you watch for a sale on the Bose QuiteComfort2, or even the original QuiteComfort. These are extremely light noise-cancelling headsets that block out all other sounds except your music, so you get a personal concert effect (without the screaming, of course). This might run you an extra $50, but in my opinion it will be well worth it after a long day of college, with your roomate yaking, and your neighbors shouting. You can also use them without music, but I find that kind of disorienting, since there's no sound. Another thing I would recommend is an external monitor, if you're going to have a desk. You can get a big flat-panel for under 1G now, and an external keyboard so you can use your laptop like a desktop when you're at the desk. Hope this helps.
  4. Koodauw macrumors 68040


    Nov 17, 2003
    Well, I am sure you can figure out the mouse thing, but check out www.radtech.us for some cool PB accessories. I bought a PB sleeve, just for extra protection while it is in the messenger bag. Also, what about an Airport express, so you can stream some iTunes to other speakers (if you have them) I picked up some sony head DJ headphones for 150. I am very happy with them. Oh, and a lock is a very good idea. You can use it at first, and if you become trust worthy you can always stop locking it up.
  5. musicpyrite macrumors 68000


    Jan 6, 2004
    Cape Cod
    I would reccoment a security lock, you never know who you can trust, especially in college...
  6. LeeTom macrumors 68000


    May 31, 2004
    For mice -
    I really like the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. It works great, and the bluetooth wireless version works with OS X.

    For headphones - I wouldn't mess around with any that you can find at Best Buy or Circuit City or anywhere like that. Go to a Guitar Center or big musician's chain store, and get some Sennheiser or Sony headphones, as close to $120 that you can afford. I can't remember the exact model numbers, but they're very good.
    If you really want to get blown away, spend about $400 for a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones. Yes!!!

    Lee Tom
  7. micvog macrumors 6502


    Sep 10, 2003
    Sony MDR-EX71SL Headphones
    I would recommend you try the Bose headphones before purchasing. I found they did an admirable job of blocking out constant, low-pitched noise, but did nothing on other noises (e.g. people talking) except make them more noticeable. The Sonys linked here sound great, offer decent passive noise blocking and can be found for $40.

    A great deal for $30. It raises the back of your laptop to put the keyboard at a more natural angle, allows better air circulation for better cooling and swivels the laptop for easier viewing.

    Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth
    I have the wired version and love it. I have been told the BT version works with the PB's internal BT module. Definately get a multi-button mouse. I have assigned the extra buttons to activate Expose and every PC user I show that to, especially when activated from the mouse, is impressed.
  8. goodknight411 macrumors member

    Jun 14, 2004
    MiddlaNowhere, Arkansas
    Totaly agree abouththe Bose , Just make the talking louder. and weirder sounding.
  9. bgt macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2004
    I have the bluetooth intellimouse, and it does work great with the powerbook... except that, unlike the wired intellimouse, you cannot map the extra buttons, and since there's no off switch, battery life is kinda short (+/- 3 weeks for me) if you transport your mouse in a bag or whatever a lot. So if that's important, don't get the bluetooth version... otherwise, it's great and I highly recommend it!
  10. brap macrumors 68000

    May 10, 2004
    A couple of other things...
    if you're planning on travelling from home fairly often, maybe you will need an extra battery for the journey. I have a 6hr journey at worst, so need the two!

    You may also want to think about the DVI-VGA and S-VHS-composit adapter for giving presentations (whether TV or Projector) - I know for a fact I've had to give a couple at college, and using Keynote is great brownie points. Makes all those with their Dell Inspiribricks green.
  11. mccaffreye macrumors newbie

    Jun 15, 2004
    I would go with this mouse: http://www.kensington.com/html/4768.html
    Its just as elegant as an Apple one with the scroll sensor.

    I'm not trying to schill Kensington, but I would also go with them for a lock. I got this one: http://www.kensington.com/html/2221.html since I was going to be in a dorm too. It is stronger and if the laptop is stolen while connected they will replace $1500 of its price.
  12. Sidm macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2004
    for headphones post on another forum

    I wouldn't go NEAR active noise-reduction headphones. Some people have good experiences with them some don't. The primary reason for this is that you ARE listening to elevated levels of noise. What these headphones do is omitt noise that cancels out the outside noise. I have Sennheiser PX250s and very often they start hurting and I always wondered why. It turns out the sub-sonic noise was having an effect. The headphones that close you're ears are much better in my opinion. Also this isn't the right place for headphone discussion - especially if your willing to spend 60-100$.


    Go there - and you should also try www.headphone.com as a site to buy from (if you live in the US) because you can get a full refund after a 30-day trial. I chose Grado SR60s..these are as high-end as 60-100$ will get ya (sound is truly amazing) but sadly they are open (sound is allowed in and out).

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