PowerBook G3 Pismo Processor Replacement

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    It's come to my attention that the 400MHz G3 Processor Daughtercard in my PowerBook has gone bad. Previously the machine wouldn't begin the boot process, the Caps Lock LED would illuminate indicating the machine was receiving power but nothing else indicated any signs of life, the HDD wouldn't spin up, optical drive didn't function and so on. If I reseated the CPU card, the machine would boot fine, for a while, then return to its non-functional state again.

    Now the computer doesn't power on no matter how many times I reseat it.

    If I visually inspect the Processor Board, the PCB appears to be warped near the connector, having a slight crease in the board but enough to cause an intermittent connection. It's also possible one of the joints or tracks has now developed a fracture rendering it useless.

    Does anyone know the best place to source these processor cards? I don't intend to make the jump to a G4 or anything of the sort, a like for like replacement of the 400MHz G3 would be sufficient, and I would consider jumping to a 500MHz G3 if the costs weren't prohibitive. I live in Adelaide, South Australia but i'm already factoring in that i'll most likely have to have it shipped here from the US or elsewhere.

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    A couple of eBay sellers had/have 500mhz Pismo daughtercards for $50 U.S. in the last couple of weeks, and 400mhz are around $30. Not sure if any of those sellers ship to Australia but take a look there.

    400mhz cards are cheaper than I thought, there are some for $10-20 plus shipping.

    Here is a 400 that has been tested for $20

    They say they ship to Australia.

    Here's another from Beta-Macs, who I have ordered from before:

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