powerbook g4 12" -> MB or MBP

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by VespR, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Jun 16, 2004
    Hi guys,

    I currently have an old 12" that I think is probably due for an upgrade now, although I really don't want to let the thing go as it is an absolute thing of beauty, and tis a shame apple haven't replaced it with something else. But oh well...

    Anyway, obviously I would prefer the same form factor, so I'm leaning towards the mb coz of its 13". But I've grown used to the superior hardware the powerbook ranged offered over the inferior sibling of the ibook. One such gripe I have is, my brother also owns a 12" ibook. And I've noticed that not only is the build quality much more superior on the powerbook, but the components are simply better. For instance, when we play music/movies you can clearly hear a difference in the quality of the speakers supplied with the laptop. Something I wouldn't want to sacrifice if I got a macbook.

    Can anybody with previous use of a powerbook/ibook and upgrade to macbook/pro offer any comparison to that of the speakers and also the build quality of the two? I'd prefer the form factor, but equally I want something that will last like my g4 (3 years+ now), and will still offer great resale value. Currently my powerbook looks almost new, mainly due to the indestructable allum casing. It's never been scratched or dented. Whereas the ibook seems to warm to anything that can chip it. Not to mention the glue holding the plastic to the screen is fading on the ibook, but I have had no such issues on the powerbook.

    any advice is greatly appreciated.

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