PowerBook g4 12" shut down unexpectedly when I opened the lid fully, now won't start

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Publius41975, Feb 5, 2014.

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    PowerBook g4 12" shut down unexpectedly when I opened the lid fully, now won't start

    This is a 2004 ibook 12" G4. It has a new battery, new charger, everything else seems to work fine, but when I opened the lid all the way yesterday (perhaps a bit roughly, torquing it somewhat I suppose) it just died and will not start at all when I press the power button. Charger glows green. NOTHING happens when power is pressed. Is this a hinge issue? Replacement lids are like $10 on ebay; is it a major hassle to swap one of those? Is there any way to determine if that is the problem BEFORE buying a new screen? Help.
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    Try removing the battery and holding the power button for thirty seconds. Then reattach the charger and try to start without the battery.
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    I'm going to start firing off what I know of testing a dead computer....
    Does the HD spin up at all? Fans turn on? Disk drive make any noise? If not than it's probably needing a hardware part replaced. If any of these do happen to work, then take the back cover on the bezel off, and check the cable between the computer and the screen. If the computer doesn't turn on, but makes some noises (perhaps a buzzing noise?) when you press the power button, I would take a look at the DC-in board. Just some ideas. Also, perhaps the screen invertor isn't working, if the laptop powers on but the screen doesn't.

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