Powerbook G4 867 MHz


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Feb 5, 2005
Currently I have a 1.5 inch powerbook, which im thinking about selling and upgrading to a G5 Power Mac, b/c I do a lot of video editing. I really want to have the extra speed for the editing. However I'm doing a lot of traveling this summer, so im looking on ebay for a laptop for use just over the summer.

I'm thinking about getting a 12 inch powerbook used off of ebay and b/c it was the first time that Apple made a 12 inch PB I was wondering if it has any major flaws. Does anyone have an opinion about if this is powerbook, and if it is a good idea to upgrade at all.


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Jul 17, 2004
Well a 1.5 inch PowerBook IS pretty damn small...:D

The older G3 iBooks are better in terms of price, durability, and size if you just want a cheap laptop to have around. The 867 MHz 12" ran on the hot side and didn't have a lot of VRAM. The first issue is a big deal. The second isn't really.

Have you looked into getting something like a Pismo? Or even something older like a 3400c?

Both of those are older but will do amazingly well for traveling. The 3400c especially, since it is all plastic, older, has a built in 56k and Ethernet port, etc. But it won't run OS X.... OS 8.6 isn't a bad idea though. Not too hard to figure out if you need to.


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Feb 15, 2004
Santa Cruz, CA
Well I own a rev. a 12 inch powerbook in fact im typing this right now on it. It has worded great for me I have never had a problem with it. It has gotten a tad hot on occasion but it never stays hot for a huge amount of time. I bring this laptop with me everywhere and its smallness in really quite nice. And performance wise its not bad. I play quake 3, warcraft3 ft , and Call of duty, all the time on it and plays them quite well and I only have 384 megs of ram( I know it crazy but honestly it has never felt slow by any means but I did just order a 512 stick so). While the older laptops are nice one thing about getting at least a powerbook is this is good enough to do minor movie editing and having a cd burner is quite nice and if u get anything before this generation u cant get an airport extreme cards in them. :D
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