PowerBook G4...anyway to turn the fans off?


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Jan 24, 2005
I'm trying to record something through the internal mic (and I'm too cheap to go out and buy a proper mic) and I was wondering if there is anyway through Terminal,or an external program, to force the fans to shut off for a certain period of time? I don't want to turn them off to find they can't turn back on and suddenly the computer is 1000º...I just want to keep them off to have a minimal amount of background noise. (And, yes, I'll be running it in a moderate climate so the computer doesn't overheat).



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Apr 1, 2006
Austin, Texas
I had this problem with my old PowerBook, what I would do is turn down the AC, and put the powerbok on my shelf right on the vent and let it cool way down, then I would quickly do my recording and I got very mimimal noise....but with my MBP, there is is no way I could do that, the fans are loud all the time no matter what.