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PowerBook G4 Battery Issues


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Sep 8, 2009
Northern California
Hey everyone,

I'm having some woes with my 15" PowerBook 5,8.

I bought a replacement battery from Newertech and just replaced the PRAM battery this last weekend. The computer will not boot or even run off the battery. It boots fine from AC and I'm typing this from it now. When the battery is installed, it just powers up the fans run full speed and the screen stays black. When I plug in the battery when the machine is on it won't charge and if I pull the AC adapter if shuts off. Anyone have a good idea what is causing this?



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Apr 26, 2014
2 Options, DC IN board, or the battery cable. If its the battery cable, charging the battery in another computer and placing it in the PowerBook should work. The DC IN board would be at fault if the battery is detected and won't charge.

The battery cable is cheaper to replace so try that first


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May 2, 2016
I wouldn't write it off as the DC-in board just yet. I had the same problem with my PB G4 years ago and it turned out to be the supposedly new battery I'd bought for it. This was after I'd bought a new DC-in board and gone through the utter faff of installing it.

So, yea, is there any way you can try a different battery you know to work? If not, send the battery back to Newertech or wherever you got it from and ask for a replacement. Worst case scenario either they test the battery you send back and find nothing wrong with it or you get a replacement that also doesn't work but at least then you can move onto the DC-in board.

Best case scenario the replacement works fine.
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