powerbook G4 boots to blank blue screen

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by incogneato, Feb 12, 2007.

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    Feb 12, 2007
    First, I'd like to sincerely thank you for your time and help.

    I recall accidentally moving my library folder into another folder, so I tried pulling it back to the original folder. However, a prompt appears & tells me that there is already a new version of "Library" & if I'd like to replace it. I didn't know what to do- the new Library folder had another folder inside that says: "preference". I didn't know whether to copy that folder over into the original Library folder and then deleting that new Library folder and then pull that original back to the original folder. I ended up replacing that new library folder w/ the original one when I pulled it back over to the original folder in "Users". Everything seem find after that. I decided to download a program for cleaning up my mac at the mac site, then all of a sudden while mounting, everything closed. (not sure if mounting was complete or not, I didn't install anything.) The only things that were left open was what I was using: quicktime, safari & firefox. When I quit those 2 programs, I was surprised to see that my finder wasn't there. I tried to access it from the dock menu but it said that finder wasn't running. I tried restarting but I keep getting the grey screen w/ the dark grey apple and then it finally goes to the blue start up screen with the shiny apple and MAC OS X, following that a blank light blue screen appears w/ nothing on there except for a useless cursor. Please help me, I'm pretty good w/ pc's but know nothing about mac. I appreciate your help!

    p.s. I remember updating the quicktime software last night too.:(
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    Ok, which Library folder did you accidentally move? There are 3 Library folders inside of OS X. One is in the System Folder, one is in the directly in the HD, and the other is in your home folder (Users/yourusername). If you moved the library folder inside your home folder it probably screwed up something along the lines.

    See if you can do a "safe boot" and try to get in that way. You can do a safe boot by holding down the shift key after the Mac Chime (BONG!). It will take a few minutes to boot into OS X as when you do a safe boot it does a directory check before OS X boots. Note that some things will not be functional in Safe Boot. Its just a troubleshooting phase of OS X, kinda like Safe Mode in Windows.

    If you can get it to boot with safe boot, go to system preferences in the Apple Menu and then click on the Accounts icon and make a new user. Turn off Auto-login while you're there. That way OS X will boot to a login screen instead your username. Select the newly created username and see if everything works ok. Post back with your results....

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